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Alicia Harmony
Alicia Harmony
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The truth is, there are many ways to get cheap car insurance that most people don’t know about. Not only that, but some people do not even bother comparing different insurance plans. Insurance companies don’t exactly advertise them, but by doing your own digging, you can uncover cheap car insurance. Here are some of the best tips for scoring the lowest rate on your car insurance policy. Tricks to get the lowest rate on car insurance

Compare quotes from multiple companies

Don’t just go with the company you’ve always had or the first quote you get. Compare quotes from at least 3-5 top companies to find the best deal. Quotes can vary by hundreds of dollars for the exact same coverage. Check independent quote comparison sites to quickly and easily compare quotes from different insurers. You can use websites such as “Cheap Car Insurance dot net” to get the best in class comparison service with accurate information.

Drop unnecessary coverage

Evaluate each type of coverage in your policy and drop anything that’s not crucial. For example, if your vehicle is older, you may not need collision or comprehensive coverage. Dropping these can save you big and ultimately offer you cheap car insurance. Also, consider dropping extras like roadside assistance or rental car reimbursement if you don’t use them.

Consider usage-based insurance

If you drive fewer miles, you can save with usage-based insurance. These “smart” policies track your driving using a device in your vehicle. They charge rates based on your actual mileage and driving habits. If you drive under a certain threshold, typically 7,500-10,000 miles a year, you can save substantially. Several major insurers like Progressive, State Farm and Allstate offer usage-based insurance options.


By following these useful yet little-known tips, you’ll be well on your way to scoring cheap car insurance and keeping more money in your pocket each month. Shop around, increase deductibles, drop unnecessary coverage, use discounts and consider usage-based insurance. Put in a little work upfront and reap the long-term rewards of lower premiums.


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