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Alicia Harmony
Alicia Harmony
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If you’ve done a bit of research on leading nonprofit and charity websites, then you can attest to the fact that people have high expectations of them. Unfortunately, the vast majority of sites don’t meet these expectations. When you donate online to charities, it is common to have specific questions.

And if sites fail to address these questions, they have little desire or motivation to find the answers. Once users decide to donate, a clear call to action and a simplified donations process keeps them on the right track. To get donations easily, be sure to follow these guidelines:

Explain What Your Organization Does

With donations to charity, the most important pieces of information that people want to know is the type of work that the organization does and how that work is done. Despite this, many sites fail to clearly communicate this critical information or made it too hard for users to access. Such nonprofits and sites are surely not worth your attention.

Nonprofits and websites that share this information in clear, concise, and easy-to-understand manner have an advantage over those with ambiguous goals and objectives. Organizations that received donations simply described what they did and how they did it in a succinct and easy to understand manner.

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Showcase Third Party Endorsements

An organization’s reputation and legitimacy is another vital piece of information users should know before making donations to charity. Most people count on watchdog ratings, high profile endorsements, testimonials and name recognitions to decide whether or not a nonprofit or charity is worth of their donation.

Some go to the extent of relying on recommendations from friends and family members. In particular, endorsements or high ratings from watchdog organizations communicate to users that the organization was credible and reliable.

The Bottom Line

Organizations that rely on donations should never underestimate the impact of their website. Sharing straightforward details regarding what the organization does, how it uses donations, and who endorses them can convince people to donate. For motivated donors, a clear and easy-to-find Donate call to action and a streamlined donation process should be offered.

Be sure to factor in the above and other tips the next time you want to donate online to charities. That way, you can rest in knowing your donations will end up in the right hands. So, what are you waiting for before you finally donate online to charities.


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