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Alicia Harmony
Alicia Harmony
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Regardless of the industry you decide to venture into, every organization today needs a network that offers real-time information reliably- anytime, anywhere. Mesh networks can help bridge that gap, but there is one mesh network that creates a seamless kinetic mesh network.

But before leveraging this tech, it always pays off to understand what you’re dealing with in the first place. Well, in kinetic mesh network, all nodes are equal and can make multiple connections simultaneously. A mobile or fixed node can direct traffic to any other node via multiple paths to ensure that you get vital information fast.

Bear in mind kinetic mesh networks consistently outperform the competition in mission-critical scenarios due to their sheer ability to make intelligent, autonomous routing decisions that result in a higher level of reliability. This is especially the case when mobility is required.

For instance, police responding to an automobile accident. With a properly designed kinetic mesh network, dispatchers have clear visibility to the accident in real time. Police and ETMs have real-time mobile access to voice, video, and data to help coordinate first responder efforts while in transit-and can stream live video from the scene to required medical personnel.

Once a mobile node leaves the range of its current fixed access point, it tends to lose connectivity, and must then find and re-establish a connection with the next access point along its path. Even if the network is able to scan for and determine its next path prior to handoff, it can never use this newly ‘made’ connection until the old one is broken.

Bear in mind breaking connectivity over and over leads to dropped data packets, high latency, and compromises application performance. Degradation becomes worse when trying to scale to hundreds of roaming assets. Remember, a network should adapt to support all voice, video, and data assets that reside on or traverse it.

The Bottom Line

Rajant Kinetic Mesh network is unlike any other wireless mesh system on the market today, offering fully mobile broadband connectivity that is simple, instantaneous, and fail-proof in any application.

This, in turn, gives you resilient mesh network solution that moves and evolves with your connectivity demands. If you’ve finally made up your mind to leverage what kinetic mesh network offers your organization, then you should look no further than TME Systems PTE LTD today!


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